Dial-up Internet Access Account
Your Gateway to the Internet. Connect from over 60 Massachusetts communities with a local phone call. Connect from your business at the highest speeds commercially available over our Internet Communications backbone.

DreamCom's Internet access account allows you to surf the net with a full graphic interface as often as you like, for as long as you like, and supports such applications as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Account Types
DSL Leased Lines Account (more info)

Regular Dial-in Account - Designed for the average Internet user, this account includes an e-mail account. The cost is $24.95 per month, additional e-mail accounts are available for $4.95 per month per account, when billed on a monthly basis.
Dedicated 56k Flex Line Account - Designed for the user who wants to be connected for 24 hours a day. This account includes a special access number which is your dedicated number for the term of the contract. You are guaranteed not to receive a busy signal.* This account is provided with a static IP address to allow a server to be placed on the connection.


DreamCom is committed to providing first class service at very reasonable rates. Here are a few of the ways we strive for excellence:

  • All dial-in points are connected with at least T-1 lines to our high speed backbone which are connected to a major DS-3 (45 Mbps) network to ensure fast transfers.
  • We use Ascend Max 56K Flex digital modems connected with fiber communication lines.
  • We currently have over 47 POPs throughout Massachusetts.
  • We offer ISDN dial-up connections in our entire service area.
* DreamCom is not responsible for any line problems resulting from down time on the part of the local telephone company or on the part of upstream provider(s).