Set-up Instructions for 
Windows 95/98

Step 1

  • Double click on "My Computer" on your desktop.

Step 2

  • Double click on "Dial Up Networking"

Step 3

  • Rename the icon that you use to connect to DreamCom. this is done by clicking once on the icon, and hit "F2". Then double click on "Make New Connection" and proceed to the next step.

Step 4

  • Enter the name you used before (ex:DreamCom) Make sure it is the same as before.

  • Make sure the modem is the correct modem that you have installed in your machine.

Step 5

  • Enter the phone number that you need to dial-up (pop) and ensure that you have the correct country selected.

  • You don't have to enter an area code here if you are dialing locally.

Step 6

  • This screen indicates that you have completed the setup for the "Dial-Up networking" successfully.

  • Click Finish

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