Setup Instructions for

  • In the Control Panels folder, open the MacTCP Control Panel. Double click on the "More" box, which will bring up an IP settings window.

  • In the upper left-hand corner is a section titled Obtain Address. Temporarily choose Dynamically. 

  • Go down to the section titled Routing Information. Under Gateway Address, type:

  • Return to the Obtain Address option, and choose Server.

  • The section in the upper right is titled IP Address. At Class:, select C.

  • Move to the Domain Name Server Information Section in the lower right-hand corner.

  • Enter the following:

IP Address
Default: Be sure this button is chosen.
  • Click on "OK" to exit and then close the window. The data you have entered will be written to a preference file in your system preferences subdirectory.

Setting Up ConfigPPP

  • Double click on the ConfigPPP icon in the Control Panels folder.

  • Click on the New button. In the empty box type "Wave".

  • Click on "OK"

  • Click on the box next to Port Name and choose Modem Port.

  • Make sure your settings match the following:

Idle Timeout (minutes): 15
Echo Interval (seconds): Off
Terminal Window: Unchecked
Hangup on Close: Checked
Quite Mode: Unchecked
  • Click on the "Config.." button.

  • Next to PPP Server Name enter "".

  • Make sure your settings match the following:

Flow Control: CTS & RTS (DTR)
Tone or Pulse: In most cases Tone
Phone Number:
Modem Init: AT&C1&D2 (if necessary)
Modem Connect Timeout: 90
  • Click "Authentication."

  • Enter your username and password as shown below:

Auth. ID: "your username"
Password: "your password"
  • Click on "OK".

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