Set-up Instructions for:
Windows NT

Step 1

  • Double click on "My Computer" on 
    your desktop.

Step 2

  • Double click on "Dial Up Networking"

Step 3

  • If Dial-Up Networking hasn't been installed yet it will prompt you to install the software. You will need your NT CD-Rom for this. You should be able to follow the install instructions for RAS.

Step 4

  • When setup completes you will need to reboot your PC.
  • Once you have restarted your PC you will need to add an entry to the Phone Book. This is done by double-clicking the "Dial-Up Networking" icon from within "My Computer"
  • If this is the first time using Dial-Up Networking you will reminded that this is the first time you have used it. Click on "OK" and proceed. ( If this is not your first time you will receive the next window)

Step 5

  • The "New Phonebook Entry Wizard" will ask you for information. Enter the name of the remote computer and click on "Next".

Step 6

  • Enter the phone number that you dial into for Dreamcom.  

Step 7

  • Select "Finish"

  • This screen will appear when you complete the entry.
  • Select Dial to connect.

Advanced Settings

Step 1

  • From within your connections select the button and a "options" drop down list will appear.
  • To edit your configuration for each Address entry select the available options.

* For the settings below select the "Edit entry and modem properties..." option

Step 2

  • SERVER TAB: Make sure that the "Enable PPP LCP extensions" are not selected.

Step 3

  • SECURITY TAB: Select "Accept any authentication including clear text"

  • Click "OK".

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